So last night I got drunk and played Skyrim


I’m still torn on whether this is the greatest thing I’ve ever done or the stupidest. 
















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this is painfully accurate.

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welp i never need to draw another shortpacked!, this is all of them

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Choice Pottermore Art - Book I

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CSI: Beacon Hills - wherein Detective Hale and Captain Stilinski are the only ones on the force who know that not all the criminals they investigate are human… and neither are all the the detectives.

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Whedonverse Appreciation: Winifred Burkle Appreciation Month

Fred & her parents {1/5 relationships}

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The Dark Side of INFP


The stereotype of infps, makes us sound too sweet and almost angelic. Being portrayed as the naïve, sensitive, kind, idealist, people never suspect that there is a dark side to infps too. They simply cannot seem to see this loveable creature vilified! However, we (infps) know that this cannot be as far from the truth as possible! All I need to say to explain an infps bad side is a quote from this amazing anon- “a great capacity to love also means a great capacity to cause pain”. So without further ado, here are our top 5 demons, laid out for analysis-

1 - Self absorbed: infps dominant function Fi (introverted feeling), can make them quite self absorbed. They get so caught up in the rich internal works of their own thoughts and feelings and ideas that they don’t consider others, or even pay attention to them. They can also think that they understand everything and that everybody else is out of touch, when in reality they could gain a lot from the different perspectives of others.

2 - Emotionally abusive: Infps don’t acknowledge their own passive aggressiveness or emotional manipulation. Since they feel so deeply, it makes it easier for them to understand others by observing and listening to them. But sometimes they use this capacity to observe wrongly and when they are angry, they use what they learn against them.

3 - Expectations: infps can put people up on pedestals and build them up in their heads, making them out to be something they never were in the first place. Then when the person doesn’t live up to their unrealistic expectations, they drop them without a word or even a chance to maintain the relationship.

4 - Melodrama: making a mountain out of a mole. Infps can be over sensitive jerks, making a big deal out of every little thing simply because they’re only able to feel even the most silly things very deeply. They can also be extremely pessimistic (contrary to popular belief) and drag down someone else’s mood when they are feeling low.

5- Avoidance of conflict: infps run away from their problems instead of facing them or even admitting that they exist. Because of this, they are also prone to leading people on because they don’t know how to reject them.

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I have a GENIUS idea for a TV show. Half cat;half dog. No, no. I already have the perfect name. Get this. “Catdog”. No, don’t worry about how it poops. You’re disgusting. This is a kids show
- Someone at nickelodeon like 20 years ago (via andisaysthings)
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Dream by Pia Guerra!

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Today at school the anatomy demonstrator made a student squeeze a cadaver’s vas deferens and it ejaculated a solid four metres across the room onto someone’s prac book.

How was your first day?

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when where hau
20, male, Sydney. Would like to have the babies of the following people: Joss Whedon, Bryan Fuller, Neil Patrick Harris, David Sedaris, Jane Austen, Toby Whithouse, Russell T. Davies, Neil Gaiman, Dylan Moran, Alan Ball and Shaun Micallef. Notice that I can't carry a child for any of these people and can only procreate with one. And she's dead.